Wheek wheek, I'm hakei.

I'm driven by a reverence for tasty 2D characters, and a desire to combine comedy and angst.

Sniffing guinea pigs enrich my soul, hence the guinea pig mascot.

Image of a blond boy pulling the cheeks of a dark-haired demon boy. The cover image of the webcomic series, Your Wings and Mine.

Your Wings and Mine

Shealtiel, an outcast angel, must decide: find solace with the magical-girl-loving demon prince he was ordered to kill, or rescue his mentor from a manipulative puppeteer — all while learning to embrace his heritage.



Bloom and Zoom

Uriel 's peaceful life ends when an arrogant smoker moves in next door.

Comedy/Slice of Life/Romance


Achilles and the Boy Next Door

Former warrior Achilles embraces a quiet life as a physical therapist until Harper, a rowdy NuTuber with an unusual mind-reading talent, disrupts his peace.



Published Works